Grocery/Liquor(with Property) BC
15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA
For Sale $1,730,000 - Business with Property

Detailed Information

Liquor / Tobacco/ Lotto / Grocery/ Deli
Sales per Year $ 1.9 M
(Summer Daily $7,500/ Weekend daily $12,000, Winter Daily $3,500/ Weekend daily $5,000)

Business Environment

-Building 7,000 sqft
-All items delivered
-Summer Tourist attractions
-Gas Station addition approved
-Located in the entrance of the Island
-About 1 Acre of land/ Managing suites
-3 hours drive/ferry from Vancouver / 20 min. flight
-Camping, Golfing, Diving ,Biking and Fishing
-No Gas Station nearby for 25 min.
-8 years of success by current owner/ 3 employees

Perfect for BC PNP

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